E-Commerce websites are the bandwagon all businesses want to be a part of. The idea of being able to sell online to anyone in the world presents itself as an opportunity no one wants to miss out on. All businesses want a slice of the cake, but unfortunately most don’t even get the leftover crumbs. Even though your website can be what takes your business to the next level, it needs time and effort to market it right. There are countless marketing tools you could experiment, combine, and execute to see what works for your business. Here’s our blog explaining some of those tools in detail, with their individual advantages and how you can use them to get your e-commerce website the exposure it needs.

Marketing your website correctly is key!

#1: Facebook Ads

With social media being part of the average consumer’s daily routine, it’s only fair your business is a part of these platforms as well. But which social media platform? Take Facebook for example. Yes, we know your current circle might suggest Facebook isn’t ‘cool’ anymore, but with 2.74 billion monthly active users, we beg to differ. The extraordinary amount of activity that happens on Facebook has allowed the platform to collect an enormous amount of quality data that is available to use for marketing purposes. In fact, 92% of marketers use Facebook as a marketing tool. Here’s why:Using Facebook Ads to Boost Sales - Robostores.

Laser-targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook’s incredible user data opens multiple avenues to reach your target audience. It doesn’t matter if you sell designer clothes, toys for female kids above 6 years or fashion accessories for men, you can find your target consumers by similar interests which coincides with your product.

Facebook Pixel Retargeting

So, someone clicked on your website and left without placing an order. The average businessman would lose hope on that prospect. Not with Facebook ads. Bring in the Facebook Pixel, which is a small amount of code you install on your website, to track your website visitors’ behavior and understand the average consumer trends. Once your Pixel is trained, you can run ads to retarget your own visitors to push them multiple times for a sale. What’s more, you can pick and choose what kind of pages they visited and actions they took to segregate your visitors in terms of quality of intent to purchase. Pixel-based retargeting is one of the most cost-effective methods to reach your target consumers on social media.

Email Collection & Engagement

Rather than pushing for direct sales, your Facebook Ads can be primed to meet other marketing objectives as well to increase and improve the quality of your customer base. Whether it be brand awareness campaigns or lead generation ads, Facebook Ads can be customized according to your marketing goals. Sure, that requires a degree of planning and execution but, if done right, the results in terms of brand loyalty and sales are fantastic!

Social Media Ads can truly give your business the boost it needs!

#2: Search Engine Optimization

Let’s be honest, your customers have a short span for patience. They want what they like, and they want it now. It’s up to you how you showcase your brand to them when the need for your product arises. One of the best ways to do that is to rank up on Google and other search engines. Barely anyone scrolls back past the first page, so it’s worth being competent in your SEO to boost your website traffic quality and gain an edge over your competitors. Here’s why ranking up in SEO helps with online sales:Grow your business using SEO - Robostores

You Gain Social Proof:

The higher your brand shows up in search engine results, the more people trust your brand and website to be reliable and secure enough to be placing an order. Even first-time customers would be happy to visit and browse the products they need purely because your search engine ranking is higher than others.

You Target Customers With High Intent:

When a person searches for something to buy, they already have the intention to purchase the product. Maybe they are making an impulse purchase or are finally wanting to buy after days of research. The point is that these high-quality prospects are crucial parts of your target market that cannot be left ignored. They need to see your website before your competitors to satisfy their impulse because they will buy the product from someone else if not from you.

#3: E-mail Marketing

One of the most effective and conclusive methods to drive sales is by emailing your customers. Whether it be about a new product launch or a holiday sale, your customer list can be directly reached out to for the perfect sales pitch. The beauty of email marketing is the fact that it has multiple uses apart from sending promotional emails to your customers. You could even combine your email marketing with social media to find similar prospects and customers. Here’s some more reasons why you should focus on regularly communicating with your customers via email:Email Marketing - Robostores

It’s Extremely Cost-effective:

Once you bear the cost of procuring a customer email who has signed up for your customer list, that data will be something that can be leveraged for every single marketing campaign your website will run in the future. That results in an extremely low cost of customer retention but still delivers one of the highest ROIs compared to other marketing tools, almost $44 for every $1 spent.

You Make Your Rules:

Yes, your email list might not be as big as the audience you have on social media, but it’s still yours and yours alone. With social media, you will always be reliant on their changing algorithms and policies which affect how and if your content is displayed to the right target audience. This risk is eliminated through email marketing because it doesn’t rely on a single platform. In fact, email lists are flexible enough to easily let you change any platforms you use emails in, whether it be your newsletter software or ad campaigns.

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The tools mentioned above are some the most used ones when it comes to ensuring your website is attracting the right kind of traffic which will drive your sales online. However, our last piece of advice would be to do your thorough research and understand how these tools work in detail, make sure you test the tools before using them for full-fledged campaigns and determine which tool or combination of tools works best for you. Stay tuned on our website and follow RoboStores on social media for more tips and tricks on improving your e-commerce website’s performance.

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